Labor Day: Some thoughts on work

So, I spent the United States holiday of Labor Day, designed to honor those who labor, floating in a pool with friends. It was nice, relaxing and sun-burning.
Today, I paid attention to the construction workers that surround my work right now. They are truly laboring. I know I cannot stand the smell and noise but they are with it day and day out and when this job ends, there will be another one (or I hope there is).

I was also thinking about my work and what I do most days. My first “real” job was selling popcorn at the local movie theatre. A job that still exists.

My current job, supporting faculty in their use of technology in teaching at a community college, did not exist then. In fact, it didn’t exist when I graduated from undergraduate school. I wonder how many jobs didn’t exist then?

A quick visit to revealed even catagories of jobs that didn’t exist back when I was pushing popcorn:

  • User Interface
  • Information Architecture
  • Web Development

And the job titles are just great fun:

  • ASP Developer
  • Voice User Interface Designers
  • Emerging Technology Lead

There are also gurus and evangelists in the techno-world now.

It is an interesting time to labor and I celebrate all who labor, with their body or their mind or both.