Slowly Coming back into the Blog

I know, I know…it has been a while. And my last few posts have mostly just been pointers to other things. Of course, I never promised myself or my three readers that I was always going to have sustained original thought and writing here. But, I do like to think I can contribute something more to the blogosphere than “hey, look at this!”

I have been spending more time in social networks. Someone on Twitter asked folks to define what their network meant to them. My reponse was that my network served as inspiration, provocation and solution. But, back to my blog.

I also have been considering the new “fashion” of slow blogging. The NY Times calls it a “small, quirky movement”. I think it is fascinating and one I want to consider. But, I am not there yet. I think I have been basically a lazy blogger rather than a slow blogger!

But, a techy-feely moment happened last week so I wanted to call it out. Last week, the United States celebrated its Thanksgiving holiday. During that time of food, family, friends and fun, Tweetsgiving was born. Epic Change, a funding source for financing community improvement projects, started a campaign to raise 10,000 dollars in 48 hours just by using the social networking site: Twitter. They reached 111% of their goal – which will fund a classroom in Tanzania. The project demonstrated both the power of Twitter and the way to use the social web for gratitude and giving.

I thought it was pretty darn cool and I thought my three readers would as well.

In case I haven’t told you, readers, I am grateful for you!